sobota, 07. november 2015

Upcoming shows

We're all back in Slovenia, rehearsals are starting today, it's gonna be a lot of hard work, but we should be able to record a new LP in the end of November.
Almost all the shows for our short trip are confirmed, still need some help in Berlin, but that might be booked now as well.
Here are the dates:

25.11.2015 @ Kapu (Linz, Austria)  w/ Kyliga Dälen
26.11.2015 @ Cafe na Pul Cesty (Prague, Czech) w/ Lezok
27.11.2015 @ Institut fuer Zukunft (Leipzig, Germany) w/ Oathbreaker
28.11.2015 @ TBC
29.11.2015 @AZ Conni (Dresden, Germany) w/ Kasan, Dieselokkult

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