sreda, 29. oktober 2014

It's been a while

Hey everyone,

we haven't really wrote anything here since the end of our tour, cause that was also the last time we all saw each other, which doesn't mean stuff has not been happening.
Working on new songs (as stupid as skype sessions sound, they actually work!), planning some tours and a new release.

So these are some things that are planned for next year:
Realease a split LP in January / February with the song we recorded in February, playing ABC Fest in Wien (if it works out also some shows around it), playing some (hopefully loads) of shows with Meth Drinker on their European tour, touring Balkans with Hombre Malo in September and if it all works out, record a new LP somewhere in between all that.

So there's actually quite a lot planned and we hope we can pull it off.
This distance betweeen us is the biggest problem for us right now, but we found our way of working and we're pretty happy about how things are going.


I also just realised its been exactly 3 years from the crazy Scandinavian tour we did with our friends Grime, so I thought I'd share this photo from Copenhagen. Good times!!

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