torek, 13. maj 2014

Hate starts in Petelinje

So where to start?

No doubt, this was the most amazing tour we ever did, so many things to say, so many people to thank, that I hope I can get everything together that I want written in this post.

First of all we would really like to thank Paul, for all the amazing things he has done for us, printing shirts, tapes, putting up a show in Berlin, helping us with the van while it was getting fixed and we were on the road. It is just amazing, can't even imagine how to ever thank enough for all this!

Leki & Elin - thanks for being with us in this! The driving, the calling, the texting, all the help, the stressful situations handled amazingly good, the talks, knowing we have 2 friends like you with us, we are just happy we had you there, cause it made soooo many things really easy and nice for us! Thank you!

Of course thanks to all the amazing people who set up shows, cooked, hosted us.
Andy (spraechen sie DICK) & EKH & ABC crew for the amazing time in Vienna, it really feels like home there for us!
Mira & Azyl for a nice evening in Liberec.
Dasha, Simon, Lukas, Arne for all the fun times and talks in Leipzig!
Paul again and again :)
Franca & everyone else from Hamburg for being super nice and patient when we were super late :))
Daniel and HDDT crew and volunteers for the most amazing festival we've ever been to!
Erik, Tom, Wileke, Hans, Gabor, Joost, Bette, Ira, Varya, Marina for cooking, hosting, helping with everything in The Netherlands!
Goldie, Ines, Ben, Katrien, Heike for an amazing hang out in Gent! Could've stayed in that house forever :)
Sev for a nice time in Köln, too bad it was so short.
Simon & Never conform crew for another crazy night and nice time!
Dubi, Batarelo, Sanjica for making Rijeka feel like our second home once again!

There's some people I probably left out, some names I forgot, I'm sorry about that. We still really appreciate your help and are super grateful for everything you did for us!

Super thanks to Whitehorse, Uzala and Sabbath Assembly for the nice days we spent with you all! It made the tour that much more special!
Thanks to Jan & Svffer for driving my stuff from Münster to Vienna! Super thanks for this huge punk post package!
Thanks to Colossus tapes for releasing our tape! Looks super nice! We don't have any copies left ourselves, so if you want one try getting in touch with them

Thanks also of course to everyone that came to shows, bought our merch, talked to us after shows!

No matter how stressful the van situation, getting a new vehicle and driving another 2 times to Berlin situation was I am amazed how good we felt about everything. Literally no clashes between any of us, it makes me happy to know we can handle situations like this. Felt like a nice family reunion after a year and a half.

We're excited about our future plans, there's a 4way split planned, hopefully recording an LP before the end of this year, and we still have another unreleased song that we recorded this February. We're hoping to record our Wipers cover and release it together on a split LP.

No shows planned for now, but hopefully some in the autumn. We'll keep this thing updated.

Here's some photos from our trip

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