četrtek, 01. maj 2014

From the biggest van to the smallest car

After 4 amazing shows and after we finally thought "fuck, finally our tour is as it is supposed to be", our van broke down after the Berlin show at around 3:30 in the morning.

We pushed it back to the venue, luckily enough we did not make it far and there were a bunch of mechanic shops just outside the venue. Slept for 2-3 hours, tried to get different opinions on how long it would take to fix it and how much it would cost, tried to find an alternative for the next 8 hours, calling/texting an insane amount of people.

Just barely still on time we managed to rent a car. It was the last one they had and it is fucking small. Left behind our 5th member Leki, our friend Elin and most of our stuff, now travelling with not much more than our toothbrushes and sleeping bags.

We are doing some crazy driving, because of returning back the car, picking up another van in Berlin and then finally at one point picking the van we left on tour with, again in Berlin. On top of that the costs of fixing the van are quite high at this moment and we hope it will not be much more than that.

So at this point we would really like to thank Paul, for all the insane work he has done in the past weeks and for all the help, it is just really crazy!!
Thanks a lot to Elin and Laessie for calling almost every friend about fixing our van, getting a new one and being there with us in this stressful  situation.
Thanks a lot also to everyone who got in touch with us, helped us with getting more people who might be able to help etc.
Really appreciate it!!

Sorry to Leki and Elin, for leaving you behind, if someone still has place in their vehicle and is going to HDDT from or through Berlin, please let us know.

Here are the dates for the rest of the tour

2.5. Heavy Days in Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen (we play at 20:00)
5.5. De Onderbroek, Nijmegen w/ Uzala, Sabbath Assembly
6.5. Vrankrijk, Amsterdam w/ Uzala, Sabbath Assembly
7.5. Landhuis, Gent w/ Lost Union
8.5  Privat, Köln w/ Anteater, Rant
9.5. Never Confrorm Fest in Bregenz w/ Link, Napalm Raid, Distinct Cult, PIxGS, Kyrest
10.5. Podrum, Rijeka w/ Link

Bring peace to the lions
Double twice

Driving to Hamburg with our new ride

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Mike Hull pravi ...

Wow! Tough break for your van! Vehicles do tend to be tricky like that, seeing how its key components are so tightly wound and integrated. A damage in any of them can lead to a sort of chain reaction. You can always check into your vehicle and see which parts aren't up and running.

Mike Hull @ GEM Car Parts Direct

Semen Rendi pravi ...

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