sreda, 16. april 2014

7inch is out, tour starts next week

So the 7inches are ready!
Everyone interested, you can get them directly from us or through these labels
Rope or Guillotine (NL), Music For Liberation (CZ), Dingleberry (GER), Burina Rec (SVK), Neanderthal Stench (BEL)

Our tour is also starting next week, still need some help with one show, so if you can help us out please get in touch

26.4. ABC Fest in EKH, Wien w/ Jungbluth, Boredom, Strafplanet, Deer In The Headlights, Lambs, Naive
27.4. Azyl, Liberec w/ Tartupaluk
28.4. Leipzig w/ Bluntshit
29.4. Bei Ruth, Berlin w/ Mörkhimmel, Zerum, Whitehorse
30.4. Rote Flora, Hamburg w/ Eagle Twin
1.-4.5. Heavy Days in Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen
5.5. De Onderbroek, Nijmegen w/ Uzala, Sabbath Assembly
6.5. Vrankrijk, Amsterdam w/ Uzala, Sabbath Assembly
7.5. Landhuis, Gent w/ Lost Union
8.5  Privat, Köln w/ Anteater, Rant
9.5. Never Confrorm Fest in Bregenz w/ Link, Napalm Raid, Distinct Cult, PIxGS, Kyrest
10.5. Podrum, Rijeka w/ Link


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