sobota, 15. marec 2014

New song!


We just uploaded our new song from the upcoming split with Marnost!
Go over to our bandcamp and listen to it!
 Thanks a lot to everyone that made this possible to happen so fast!!

The split will be out in time for our tour in April
Here are the dates, still need some help with some shows, so if you can and you want to help us out, please get in touch!

26.4. ABC Fest in EKH, Wien
27.4. Liberec
28.4. Leipzig
29.4. Berlin NEED HELP!
30.4. Rote Flora, Hamburg w/ Taurus, Eagle Twin
1.-4.5. Heavy Days in Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen
5.5.Northern Germany NEED HELP!
6.5. Amsterdam
7.5. Gent
8.5  Augsburg
9.5. Never Confrorm Fest in Bregenz w/ Link, Napalm Raid, Distinct Cult, PIxGS, Kyrest
10.5. Podrum, Rijeka w/ Link

And here's the cover for the split, made by our singer Jaka

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