petek, 14. februar 2014


So our plans changed after all. We're gonna make those shows into a 2 week tour
Here's  a rough plan, if anyone can help us, please get in touch, we'd really appreciate it!

26.4. ABC Fest in EKH, Wien

27.4. Prague

28.4. Leipzig

29.4. Berlin

30.4. Hamburg

1.-4.5. Heavy Days in Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen

5.5. Aalborg

6.5. Bremen

7.5. Amsterdam

8.5 Köln

9.5. Never Confrorm Fest in Bregenz

10.5. Podrum, Rijeka

Also our show in MKNŽ is tomorrrow and not tonight, as I wrote in the previous post.
We practiced this week and finished 2 new songs, that we are going to record on Sunday.
One of them is going to be released on a 7inch split with our homies Marnost from Czech!
If any labels are interested in releasing that, please get in touch as well :)



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