sreda, 12. september 2012

Super nice time

We played 5 shows in these past couple of days and I have to say it was amazing. First we did 2 shows with Haggatha which were fucking great, but unfortunately they didn't make it through the border so they started their trip to Greece over Hungary, Romania and Bolgaria, cancelling 4 shows. They will probably lose shitloads of money because of that, so if you have a chance to go to their show, go! They're really nice guys, killer band so make their trip a bit easier if you can!
Last 2 shows we played with Mass Grave, who are also from Vancouver and really good friends of Haggatha so I don't really have to say that those guys are super nice too.
We really had a nice time, it was great to meet so many nice Canadians, but of course we have to thank everyone who made this possible - Leki, Courage And A Brick DIY-Shows, MKNŽ Ilirska Bistrica, Gromka, Rijeka DIY HC/Punk, Paško and everyone else in Zadar.

Thanks a lot to everyone!

We are starting our tour in a couple of days, still looking for some shows, so if you can help, please get in touch.
The LP will be available from the 16th on and the tape from the 21st.
Thanks a lot to Wolfi (Shitpiece Records) and Bernd (Ulterior Tapes) for helping us out with releasing this stuff. 

15.09.2012 @ EKH (Wien, Austria) w/ Broomriders
16.09.2012 @ Cafe na pul cesty (Prague, Czech) w/ V Rokou Osudu
17.09.2012 @ Alive Club (Wroclaw, Poland) w/  Blank Faces, The Great End 
18.09.2012 @ Przychodnia squat (Warsaw, Poland) w/ Partiya
19.09.2012 @ Koma F (Berlin, Germany) w/ Gelo, Homo Homini Lupus
20.09.2012 @ NEED HELP (Germany)
21.09.2012 @ Day off
22.09.2012 @ Zoro Fest (Leipzig, Germany)
23.09.2012 @ Vrankrijk (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
24.09.2012 @ NEED HELP (Germany, Netherlands) 
25.09.2012 @ TBA (Wuppertal, Germany)
26.09.2012 @ NEED HELP (Belgium, France, Germany)
27.09.2012 @ La Miroiterie ( Paris, France ) w/ Iskra, Ahna, Amer
28.09.2012 @ TBA (Strasbourg, France)
29.09.2012 @ De Onderbroek (Nijmegen, Netherlands) w/ Remek, Gattaca
30.09.2012 @ TBA (Bregenz, Austria)

Here are some photos from our trip

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