četrtek, 27. september 2012


Got back home yesterday morning, exhausted, but smiling after around 14 hours of driving, straight from Nijmegen to Petelinje.

Once again we would like to thank everyone who helped us out on this tour: La Ligne Maginot/Broomriders, Honza & Remek/Gattaca, Bartosz, Anna & Konrad, Veit, the whole Zoro crew, Beau, Erik & Marc & Aurelia and of course everyone who in any kind of way helped (would be just too much to write everyone hehe).
Special thanks to Bernd for a nice sleeping place and tapes, Paul (http://ayuharaprints.co/) for an amazing help with printing patches and of course Andreas for being with us almost the whole trip entertaining us and doing the distro sometimes haha :)
Super duper special thanks to Leki for driving us again, being an amazing person to be on tour with. Negativity 24/7!!!

All in all we have to say that we really had an amazing time, we had great shows, we met a lot of new people and of course as always we met some old friends, which I really have to say, it was amazing to see, talk to, hang out with again.
It kinda sucked going home in the end, especially cause we were really really looking forward to Paris and Nijmegen, but I guess it just couldn't happen for us.
Thanks again to everyone!

We finally have the LPs. We picked them up in Prague, so if everyone is interested drop us a line, or get in touch with Wolfi from Shitpiece records - http://sprecords.noblogs.org/

We also got the tapes (same songs as on the LP). We only have some copies left, but it's possible to get them from Bernd (Ulterior tapes) - http://ulteriortapes.wordpress.com/

You can also listen to it on bandcamp - http://leechfeast.bandcamp.com/
Or download it for free here - http://www65.zippyshare.com/v/42022056/file.html

We already have some plans for the future, some plans to record some new stuff and also talking about doing a release party in the next 3weeks, but we'll post it when we know more.

Here are some photos from our trip

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