četrtek, 06. september 2012

First show in 10 months

It's true. We haven't played a single gig since last year with Grime in Zagreb.
Today we're playing our first show after that, first one with only 4 of us, I think already 4th tim in Sub, Graz and I also think it's almost exactly 2 years since our first show (which was surprisingly also in Sub)
We're really happy to play again after such a long time. A lot has changed since our last show...there's 1 person less but I think a lot of cabinets and amps more hehe

Also there's some news about the LP. We will get them on the 16th in Prague! We still haven't print the covers, but we will for sure next week.
The tape version is also gonna be available soon, we'll have some copies with us from Zoro fest on.

So here are the dates for our upcoming shows. We still need some help for some shows in Germany and France so if you could help us out somehow please get in touch :)

06.09.2012 @ Sub (Graz, Austria) w/ Haggatha 
07.09.2012 @ Čuza (Pivka, Slovenia) w/ Haggatha
08.09.2012 @ Kapetanski park (Zadar, Croatia) w/ Haggatha
09.09.2012 @ Gromka (Ljubljana, Slovenia) w/ Mass Grave
10.09.2012 @ Podrum (Rijeka, Croatia) w/ Mass Grave 

15.09.2012 @ EKH (Wien, Austria) w/ Broomriders
16.09.2012 @ Cafe na pul cesty (Prague, Czech) w/ V Rokou Osudu
17.09.2012 @ Alive Club (Wroclaw, Poland) w/  Blank Faces, The Great End
18.09.2012 @ Przychodnia squat (Warsaw, Poland) w/ Partiya
19.09.2012 @ Koma F (Berlin, Germany) w/ Gelo, Homo Homini Lupus
20.09.2012 @ NEED HELP (Germany)
21.09.2012 @ Day off
22.09.2012 @ Zoro Fest (Leipzig, Germany)
23.09.2012 @ NEED HELP (Germany)
24.09.2012 @ Vrankrijk (Amsterdam, Netherlands) 
25.09.2012 @ TBA (Wuppertal, Germany)
26.09.2012 @ NEED HELP (Belgium, France, Germany)
27.09.2012 @ La Miroiterie ( Paris, France ) w/ Iskra, Ahna, Amer
28.09.2012 @ TBA (Strasbourg, France)
29.09.2012 @ De Onderbroek (Nijmegen, Netherlands) w/ Remek, Gattaca
30.09.2012 @ TBA (Bregenz, Austria)

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