torek, 25. september 2012

Cancelling the rest of the tour

We had a bunch of our shows cancelled, so we ended up with 2 shows in 6 days, which made it kinda senseless to keep going. We would lose way too much money, so we just decided the best thing to do right now is to just slowly head back home.
We would really like to thank everyone who helped us out with shows, we had an amazing time, thanks a lot to everyone who tried to set up something for us, even though it didn't work, it's really appreciated! And thanks to Erik and Marc and sorry we're forced to cancel those 2 shows.

We're gonna write a proper post when we get back home, also post some photos. The tour was KILLER, shitloads of great shows and we're really bummed to get home earlier...

Thanks a lot for everything!!


There's been a bunch of people paying for downloading our stuff from bandcamp. You don't have to o that so please here's a link for a free download -
I think that if we don't take the money (which we won't for sure), everyone who paid will get their money back after some time.

Thanks a lot!!


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