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Shows in September

We have a small problem with updating our shows for a couple of months now so I'm just gonna write it all here.

06.09.2012 @ Sub (Graz, Austria) w/ Haggatha
07.09.2012 @ MKNŽ (Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia) w/ Haggatha
08.09.2012 @ TBA (Zadar, Croatia) w/ Haggatha
09.09.2012 @ Gromka (Ljubljana, Slovenia) w/ Mass Grave
10.09.2012 @ Podrum (Rijeka, Croatia) w/ Mass Grave

15.09.2012 @ EKH (Wien, Austria) w/ Broomriders
16.09.2012 @ Cafe na pul cesty (Prague, Czech) w/ V Rokou Osudu
17.09.2012 @ Strefa Zero (Wroclaw, Poland)
18.09.2012 @ TBA (Warsaw, Poland)
19.09.2012 @ Koma F (Berlin, Germany)
20.09.2012 @ NEED HELP (Germany)
21.09.2012 @ Day off
22.09.2012 @ Zoro Fest (Leipzig, Germany)
23.09.2012 @ NEED HELP (Germany)
24.09.2012 @ NEED HELP (Germany)
25.09.2012 @ TBA (Wuppertal, Germany)
26.09.2012 @ Le Miroiterie (Paris, France)
27.09.2012 @ NEED HELP (France)
28.09.2012 @ TBA (Strasbourg, France)
29.09.2012 @ De Onderbroek (Nijmegen, Netherlands) w/ Remek, Gattaca
30.09.2012 @ NEED HELP (Germany, Austria)

So as you can see we still need help with some of the shows, so please get in touch if you could help us somehow. We're a punk band so we don't ask for much :)

There's also not many news since the last update about the LP. I think tonight we'll have a chance to see almost finished cover and I'm not sure what is going on with the master....

Bring peace to lions

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