torek, 13. marec 2012

Some news after a long time

So it really took us a long time to start recording, but we are finally doing it! We're gonna start this weekend and maybe finish the next one, we'll see how it goes. Mare bought a new cymbal and he's working on his new snare (which was the only reason we coulnd't start recording already, but no rush), I just bought a new amp, so hopefully it's gonna be loud! :) We hope to have the LP done in the end of May. And we are still searching for some label to participate in this.

Yesterday we decided to do a tour in the second half of September, so we're gonna start booking this in these next few days. Here's the plan:

15.9. - Wien
16.9. - Prague
17.9. - Wroclaw
18.9. - Poznan
19.9. - Gdansk
20.9. - Berlin
21.9. - Leipzig
22.9. - Day off
23.9. - Hamburg
24.9. - Amsterdam
25.9. - Köln
26.9. - Paris
27.9. - Strasbourg
28.9. - Zürich
29.9. - Innsbruck

That is just an idea of how it should look like, of course some cities are gonna change. If you can help us with booking, please get in touch!
We're gonna post some photos and write something more about recording session in the begining of the next week.


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