petek, 10. februar 2012

Changes and plans

There's been a lot going on lately over here, we have some bad news and some good news.

We will countinue as a 4 piece, we somehow had different views on this band and where it was going, so we decided to part our ways with Tiši. Different ideas, plans, wishes could (and sometimes already did) lead to fights that would between us as friends never happen. We are not looking for a replacement, we feel no one can really replace him. He is still active with his band Growing Rats (really good youth crew hardcore), go check them out if you get a chance.

Some better news - we finally got everything we need to record the LP. All the songs are done, Mare bought a new cymbal (no one could ever imagine that it would be that hard to get people to actually sell the stuff they're selling), maybe we'll make some more guitar cabs if we will have enough time... Right now we started preparing our rehearsal place, it took us quite long just to clean it :) We decided we just gonna record it there, mostly by ourselves, maybe with some help from our friends
Jaka (singer :)) is already working on the cover, we got this interesting idea of how everything should look like and we really hope it's gonna turn out the way we imagined it.
We are still looking for some labels to help us out with the release, so any kind of help would be really appreciated. The fact that we are doing most of the stuff by ourselves is gonna reduce the costs, so the price should be quite low.

Oh also a bunch of people asked us to play, but for now we just wanna focus on the recording and finally making this happen (its taking us waaaaaaaay to long), so untill everything is done, we just decided not to play any shows. Thanks a lot to the people inviting us, though. We really appreciate it!

Gonna try to keep updating on how's the recording coming along.
Untill then, much love!

(Bo)Leech feast

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