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Scandinavia tour (should've written this long ago)

Getting an email from Sakk a couple of days ago made me write this post, that we said we're gonna write soon after the tour. Maybe it will not be completly everyone's opinion but this is from my side, cause I was the one in contact with Sakk for this tour.

So...Sakk wrote us an email in June if we wanna tour Scandinavia and that he can help us with the booking. None of us was there before so ofcourse we said yes right away. So we booked the tour in October/November and wnet together with our friends Grime from Italy.

A week before the tour we got an email from Stockholm, that they have to cancel the show due to the lack of time. Don't really know much more, why or anything, it was the shortest email ever...  Thanks a lot to Helan, roadie from hell, for trying so hard to book the show in Stockholm after that!
It started amazing, had a lot of fun first 2 days in Germany. I would really like to thank to everyone from Praxis in Dresden and Fahrstrasse 105 in Hamburg, for such an amazing time. The day in Kolding was bizzare, didn't really process everything that was going on, but it was still nice! Örebro was weird. First time in my life no one showed up at the show, so we didn't play. We were a bit angry cause there was obviously no promotion for the show (at least posters, don't know about facebook and other stuff like that). Still it turned out pretty nice with a walk around the town with 2 guys from the venue.Oslo was super nice, amazing to see some friends again, surprised to see people from our area, had a really nice time with everyone!
Karlstad was weird again. We played at this hockey cabin something... slept at the dirtiest place ever (sorry to talk shit, but I was amazed by that chaos). I signed a paper for getting some money, that they get from the state, but Sakk didn't give it to us in the end (no one else in the collective knew about this). He left pretty fast after that too. So it made us think. Fortunately after around 12 hours of texting him we got the money from the nice part of the collective :) Didn't have the address for Göteborg when we left, got it somewhere along the highway, showed up at the venue, no one knew we were supposed to play. Nice! Kinda lost it, some of us wanted to go home, some not, but everyone felt reaaaally bad. Got some super tasty food that made us feel much better, then got some weed that made some feel even more better :) Was amazing to see how fast people from there managed to put everything together in such a short tim, so we played anyways. A lot of people we knew showed up, so it was a pretty amazing night.
We didn't get the address for Copenhagen from Sakk (even though I asked him for that a couple of times before the tour and many times during the tour), but luckily Kajsa was with us in the van and showed us the way (thanks a lot! :)). Again amazing night, thanks a lot to everyone in Dodsmakinen!!
The last 2 days were booked by us again so we were relaxed and under no stress if the show is gonna happen or not. Both days it was amazing! So thanks a lot to Mona and everyone from Bremen, it was amazing to finally meet them (also I think one of the most massive meals we ever had, so amazing!) and of course to Stryker and everyone in Karlsruhe!

Thanks a lot to everyone who helped us out, it was a stressful tour, but it was nice to have nice people around to help us out. Thanks a lot to Grime for being on the road with us, we have really become good friends I think.

Thanks to Sakk for bringing us to Scandinavia, no thanks for fucking us over and making us lose a lot of nerves and money. Just to make sure, this doesn't go for the whole Varmland Hardcore collective, cause there are some really nice people there!

All in all it was a stressful tour, but still nice cause of some people around us and the amazing landscape :):)

I don't know if I wrote everything I had/wanted to, but this is what came to my mind now...

Lots of love!

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