sreda, 19. oktober 2011

Tour booked!

Yes! We managed to book the whole tour. A bit different than the first plan was, but still great! Thanks a lot again to Värmland Hardcore from Karlstad for all the help with the booking and with everything else!
Come around if you have time!

Here's the list of all our next shows:

21.10.2011 @ Klub Place (Rijeka, Croatia) w/ La Casa Fantom

27.10.2011 @ Praxis (Dresden, Germany) w/ Grime

28.10.2011 @ Hamburg, Hausproject Fährstrasse 105 (Hamburg, Germany) w/ Grime, Upper Crust

29.10.2011 @ Øveren (Kolding, Denmark) w/ Grime

30.10.2011 @ Stationen (Örebro, Sweden) w/ Grime, As Tides Converge

31.10.2011 @ Blitz (Oslo, Norway) w/ Grime

01.11.2011 @ Grundbulten (Stockholm, Sweden) w/ Grime

02.11.2011 @ Boltic stugan (Karlstad, Sweden) w/ Grime, As Tides Converge

03.11.2011 @ Härden (Gothenburg, Sweden) w/ Grime

04.11.2011 @ Dödsmaskinen (Copenhagen, Denmark) w/ Grime, Église, Redwood Hill

05.11.2011 @ Sielwallhaus (Bremen, Germany) w/ Grime

06.11.2011 @ Rehersal place (Karlsruhe, Germany) w/ Grime

26.11.2011 @ Attack (Zagreb, Croatia) w/ Grime

27.11.2011 @ TBA (Ljubljana, Slovenia) w/ Grime

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