nedelja, 02. oktober 2011

Some news

After over a month of silence here's some news

The show in Graz was great! Thanks a lot to Michi and Marian for setting it up and thanks a lot to Ursus - amazing people! It was super fun meeting you and talking to you guys!

The Scandinavian tour with Grime is getting closer. Less than 4 weeks! We really can't wait for this, first time for all of us to ever go to that part of Europe so it's that much more exciting for us.
We still need some help with some shows, so please, if you're able to help us out write to us, your help would be really appreciated!
Here's the tour plan:

27.10.2011 @ Praxis (Dresden, Germany) w/ Grime

28.10.2011 @ Hamburg, Hausproject Fährstrasse 105 (Hamburg, Germany) w/ Grime, Upper Crust

29.10.2011 @ House show (Kolding, Denmark) w/ Grime

30.10.2011 @ Stationen (Örebro, Sweden) w/ Grime, As Tides Converge

31.10.2011 @ Blitz (Oslo, Norway) w/ Grime

01.11.2011 @ Grundbulten (Stockholm, Sweden) w/ Grime

02.11.2011 @ Boltic stugan (Karlstad, Sweden) w/ Grime, As Tides Converge

03.11.2011 @ Härden (Gothenburg, Sweden) w/ Grime

04.11.2011 @ Dödsmaskinen (Copenhagen, Denmark) w/ Grime, Église, Redwood Hill

05.11.2011 @ Sielwallhaus (Bremen, Germany) w/ Grime

06.11.2011 @ Rehersal place (Karlsruhe, Germany) w/ Grime

Thanks a lot to Värmland Hardcore for helping us with the booking!
We're gonna have some tapes with us, even though it sounds way different than what we do now. Jaka also draw some stuff for some new patches and shirts, so we are really siked to see how's that gonna turn out!
Still no news on the 4-way split, have no idea what's up with that. Maybe we'll just use those 2 songs for something else...

After the tour we are gonna record the songs for the LP. We were planning to do this long ago, but like always it took a bit longer than planned. Cause of the all the stuff we have to prepare for the tour we don't wanna do it this month, so we just gonna take our time after the tour.

And the last thing for now - we are planning another show after the tour with Grime, it's gonna be in Zagreb, Croatia in the 26th of November. Thanks a lot to Gonzo for booking us for the millionth time!

Take care of yourself and each other!
- Jerry Springer

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