petek, 19. avgust 2011

Unproductive summer's been a while since our last post. It's been a bit unproductive so far for us since we've been occupying ourselves with some other nice stuff. Mare passed the exams for art acadamy and is now working, so if you need insurance - he's your guy! Jaka is lost somewhere in Croatia, travelling with his girlfriend. Jure is stuck at home helping his parents renovating their house, and me and Tee-She are just hanging out in Ljubljana, not really doing anything with our lifes haha.

So we have some good and some bad news. Let's start with the bad ones.

Due to our constant travelling around and mostly because of a 3 week tour with paperplanecrash Mare, Jure and me are doing, our LP release will have to be postponed, which means we won't have it done for the Scandinavian tour. We feel really bad about it, but we wanna have it done properly, the way we imagined it, which would be impossible under so much pressure. On the bright side, we have some more time to find some more labels that would help us with the release.

We still don't know when the 4 way split will be released, maybe we will have this ready for the tour, though it's taking so long that I really doubt we will :)

Well we haven't been completly unproductive, last weekend we had a recording session just to see how everything sounds, we recorded most of the stuff that's gonna be on the LP. I have to say we're pretty satisfied with it!

We might play some shows in Austria in the near future, but nothing is really sure. Beside that we are not planning any shows, since we'll just probably focus on the LP.
We'll keep you updated!


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