petek, 24. junij 2011


The last planned show for the summer is behind us. Pandamonium was just amazing - people, food, atmoshpere, bands, everything! Thanks a lot to everyone for coming out on a Tuesday, thanks to Beau Navire, Moloch and Thou and especially thanks to Teja & Luka and everyone from MKSC that helped out.
Haven't seen any photos yet, so here's just a video (I couldn't videos of any other bands, but if I do I will put it here as well cause with the sunset and everything it looked amazing!)

Right now we are gonna concentrate on writing some new songs for the LP. Like we said we wanna have it released for the Scandinavian tour and we're probably gonna record everything in mid August. We are still looking for some labels to help us with the release, so if you're interested get in touch, we would very appreciate some help!

We also got some news on the 4way split. It's gonna take a bit longer, Burnt Church decided they don't wanna do it, so it's gonna be out in autumn with Ripped To Shit, Excommunicated and another band (don't know which one yet). Hopefully we will have this one released before the tour as well.

Some news on the tour with Grime: a couple of shows are surprisingly already confirmed, some look good and for some we still need help. Here's the plan again:

27th October – Nürnberg/Tübingen, Germany - Need help

28th October - Hamburg, Germany - Need help

29th October - Ålborg, Denmark - Need help

30th October - Bergen, Norway - TBC

31th October - Oslo, Norway - TBC

1st November - Grundbulten (Stockholm, Sweden)

2nd November - Boltic stugan (Karlstad, Sweden)

3nd November - Härden (Gothenburg, Sweden)

4th November - Copenhagen, Denmark - TBC

5th November - Bremen, Germany - TBA

6th November - München, Germany - Need help

We can`t thank enough to amazing people at Värmland Hardcore for making this possible for us!!


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