ponedeljek, 13. junij 2011

Some stuff going on again

Huh where to start?

I think first thing I should do is to thank everyone who did the last 3 shows for us, all of them were amazing! Thanks a lot for the food, drinks and great time! Thanks a lot to Cough, Grime, Nux Vomica and bands at Fast and frightening fest, for borowing us their backline and being nice people!
Here are some photos from Fast And Frightening Fest:


and a video of half of our song. :)

Thanks a lot to MC Broko for that!

Next week last planned show for the summer - Pandamonium fest with Thou, Moloch and Beau Navire at this amazing location.

Make sure you come around if you have time, it's definitly far best location for shows in Slovenia :)

Ok and finally plans for future!
We are planning to record some new songs in the end of August and release an LP and we wanna have it done by early October. We are looking for some labels to help us with the release, so plase get in touch if you're interested.
And the last amazing thing that happend in the last few days - we're gonna do a Scandinavian tour with our friends Grime! Thanks a lot to Värmland Hardcore for making this possible!

Here are the dates, please get in touch if you could help us out!

27th October – Nürnberg/Tübingen, Germany

28th October - Hamburg, Germany

29th October - Ålborg, Denmark

30th October - Bergen, Norway

31th October - Oslo, Norway

1st November - Stockholm, Sweden

2nd November - Boltic stugan (Karlstad, Sweden)

3nd November - Härden (Gothenburg, Sweden)

4th November - Copenhagen, Denmark

5th November - Koln/Bielfield/Bremen, Germany

6th November - München, Germany

Thanks a lot to everyone who helped us out with all the stuff in the past couple of weeks! It's really amazing and we really appreciate it!


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