nedelja, 15. maj 2011


...we managed to upload our lyrics and 2 new songs from the upcoming split. We were all busy with other things, so that`s why it took us so long. If anyone has any questions concering our lyrics, just drop us a line and we`ll be glad to talk about it. can find both, lyrics and songs, in the music section.

On Monday we had an amazing time with Grime and Cough, both bands were amazing, check them out if you have a chance!! Thanks a lot to Jasna and Saško and everyone who showed up!

Next show on Saturday in legendary MKNŽ with Nux Vomica! Can`t wait!

Our plan for the summer is to make a couple of more songs and record an LP. We really wanna do that, so hopefully we will have it done in autumn. If there are any labels interested in release, please let us know! Any kind of help would be much appreciated!


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