nedelja, 24. april 2011

Just a short update

On the 9th of May we are playing again in Ljubljana, this time in Gromka, with Grime from Italy and Cough from USA.

We changed the date for MKNŽ, we are playing on the 14th with Nux Vomica, and not on the 6th as it was first planned.

And after this we are playing 2 festivals - Pandamonium in Koper and Fast and frightening in Leitersdorf, AUT.

Pandamonium is done by our best friends Luka and Teja (Panda Banda), its gonna happen on the pier again this year and we are playing with Thou, Beau Navire and Moloch.

Fast and frightening is a festival that pretty much wants to see more girls in this scene. Love the idea, and glad to be a part of it! To be honest I don`t know many bands we are playing with, but it should be a great fest, sending out a nice message.

For the end, here`s a video of our show in Podrum, Rijeka, in November

Leechfeast @ podrum by PODRUM


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