sobota, 05. marec 2011

Recording process again!

Today we recorded 2 new songs (cca 12 min) for the 4 way split tape with Burnt Church, Excommunicated and Ripped To Shit from Canada. Its gonna be released on Waste Of Time / Primeval Sounds. Don`t know when exactly yet, but we hope to have it soon.

We changed our blog a little. In the music section you can listen our songs or simply download the tape. We will also put the songs from the split there as soon as its done.
We have some shows confirmed in the near future, you can see them all in the shows section (of course:))

Right now we don`t have any plans for the future, we will start working on some new songs and hopefully have our next release in autumn. We'd really like to put our music on vinyl this time, so any kind of help with releasing and stuff would be more than great.

Here you can read about our adventures from our European tour. Just click on the button. :)

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Kolja pravi ...

Hi, fantje!
If it's not a secret, can you please tell what speakers are in Marshall slant cab? In Orange are V30, I assume.
I'm buying a box myself right now and through it is mostly gonna be played stonery/sludgy/fuzzy/doomy goodness somewhat similat to you guys. Orange is out of my price range, and Marshall has so many speaker combinations in their cabs so I don't know which would be good for that type of music.
Sorry for crashing like this, love your music and I really like this blog, especially I love to read about your tours and stuff that happen.
Hope to see you someday soon in Rijeka again!
Cheers, Kolja

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