nedelja, 20. februar 2011

Home again

After 8 amazing days over Europe we are back home. A bit depressed because of that, but really happy on the other hand that we did this tour and met all this amazing people.

We would really like to thank Amy, Andy & Scraiste/La Ligne Maginot for helping us with booking and for an amazing start of our tour in Wien, we had soooo much fun!! Thanks to people from Discentrum, Veit & Scharni people for the really really nice evening in Berlin, Erik & Sand Creek Massacre for being amazing friends and for the great 2 days in Holland, Finisterre, Dominik and Roland for amazing time in Hannover & Koln, Sam & his brother and A Decade To Silence, Lea for letting us stay at her apartment for 2 days and spending all this time with us, Mira for all the help in Czech and last but defenitly not least thanks to Leki for being with us on the road again, for all the help and positive energy!!
Special thanks to everyone for the amazing food!! :):)

Photos & tour report will be here soon!

Thanks again to everyone!!

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