torek, 08. februar 2011

3 more days

We have some bad news...
Scraiste had to cancel the tour, so we`ll be doing it alone. We were really looking forward to this and they tried everything to make it work, but in the end they couldn`t... But we will play with them in EKH!

So here are the dates, pretty much everything is confirmed, with the exception of the last day:

11.02. - EKH, Wien (Austria)
12.02. - Discentrum, Prague (Czech Republic)
13.02. - Scharni, Berlin (Germany)
14.02. - Stumpf, Hannover, (Germany)
15.02. - The Innocent, Hengelo (Netherlands)
16.02. - OB, Nijmegen (Netherlands)
17.02. - AZ, Köln (Germany)
18.02. - Cafe Roude Leiw, Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
19.02. - need help!

We also found out we messed up a couple of tapes, so if you already have a copy, check if all the songs are on it :) We have around 20 copies left and you can still download it from here:


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