ponedeljek, 17. januar 2011

Tour report - second part

Just when the lack of sleep was getting to us we came to the border, we had to much luck in the past so it would have to happen somewhere, and on the Macedonian border it happened, the fuck up with the cops that is. We were told not to cross the border and to return to Slovenia because we didn't have the right papers, it took us about half an hour of begging and acting stupid so that they would finally write us some kind of a paper that lets you in a country for one day. So we were finally in Macedonia and on our way to Skopje where good food and good friends were waiting for us. The club where we played is in the old part of the city just near the centre, it's some kind of an alternative bar and you can see everything that is happening inside from the street. There were ten bands playing besides us that day, and it all started at 3pm, I'm just gonna name the bands because describing them would take me too long. These are the names of the bands: Xaxaxa, Bernays Propaganda, Mindless Violence, Screaming Brain, Heartstroke, Remnants, Fonija, Jaibo!, Backstab Warning, 36 Daggers. The show was awesome, the food was the best in the world and the people were really friendly, it's only a shame that we were all a bit fucked up because of the long drive and no sleeping, but the concert ended early and we went to sleep quite soon. We were sleeping at a guy called Mungos, he was really kind to let us sleep in his house, before we went to bed Vasko brought us some food and we talked and laughed untill our eyes were starting to close, and our minds didn't work properly any more. The next day we woke up at around 11am, we had a day off so we could sleep as long as we wanted to and do anything, we decided to take a look at the city and buy some cheap vegan cheese that you can't buy in Slovenia. We saw quite a lot for one day and ended buying 20kg of cheese, they had to go to the storage to get more packages because they didn't have enough in the store. After saying goodbye to our friends we had to drive back to Serbia because of our one day license to be in Macedonia. There was no fuss at the border, so at arround 8pm we came to Niš, where once again there was a lot of delicious food and awesome people waiting for us. There is a huge population of fascist pigs in Niš and they are quite agressive so because there were a lot of problems with them in the past and the organisers were afraid of some conflicts we didn't play in Niš unfortunately, we only slept there and danced at the most awesome songs ever, dressed in all sorts of clothes. The next morning was awesome, we slept until 11 am, the flat was filled with empty bottles and funny clothes, and when we decided to go to the van to check if everything was allright it took us quite a while to find it because Jure re parked it at night and he was drunk so he didn't really remember where it was, fuck it. We ate a lot for breakfast, and after the flat was cleaned we took a long walk through the city, I didn't like the city that much...it's basicly the same as all other cities, the centre is all fancy and stuff but when you go just 500m away from the centre it's all fucked up and not so fancy at all...after the ''sight seeing'' we said goodbye to the kind people that took really good care of us and we were on the road once again. This time it was only a one hour drive to Pirot, and the road was quite nice...

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