ponedeljek, 24. januar 2011

Tour report - last part

We arrived to the venue in Pirot, the place was actually some sort of a pub or something, all painted in red and black, and after some rearrangements the whole thing looked quite awesome. At first we thought that there would be no people at the show but in the end the place was nicely filled with all sorts of kids, from metal to punk to hip hop kids (ok I'm not sure about the last). The show was probably the worst on the tour, we couldn't hear the vocals and there were all sorts of problems all the time, but the people were energetic and it was all ok. We had a long drive ahead of us so we wanted to go to bed as soon as possible, so Nikola took us to his place where we had to meet his dog first if we wanted to go into the house, so that he would not bark that much. The next day we woke up at 7 am and said goodbye to Nikola, we were all fucked up because of the early hours and the road back to Niš looked way more fucked up in the day light than it did the night before. We left Iva in Niš and continued the road to Bosnia, the music in the van was starting to be the same all the time but we didn't care much, Fu Manchu rocks even if you are listening to them 24/7. We were driving for arround 8 hours until we came to the border between Croatia and Bosnia, and it was getting close to 9 hours when we left the border. First the Croatians were fucking us because of the papers, but they let us through after we acted stupid for about 20 minutes, when we came to the Bosnian border we just knew something is gonna go wrong, we all had that strange feeling in our guts that is never wrong. There was this musician freak that knew everything about guitars and rock'n'roll and he wanted to see our guitars and talk about them and about famous musicians. Again we had to act as if we give a fuck about him and his ideas just so that he would let us into the country because we were allready late. So after a few stupid questions he let us through saying that if we were some croatian turbo folk band he wouldn't let us through but since we play rock'n'roll it's ok... It's fucking crazy how you have to pretend on every corner these days if you want to achieve something, for example we had to pretend that we play music like Motorhead and that we really like this guy just so that he would let us through some stupid border that shouldn't be there anyways. And when we thought that we were done with the fucking police we got pulled over after one hour of driving on the crazy Bosnian roads. We gave the police 10€ so that they would let us go, fuck it, we didn't have time to be smart assing them and they wouldn't let us go without the tips anyway...We finally came to Bihač at 7.30 pm, it looks a bit more modern that the other towns we were in, and the place where we played was the funnyest place in the world. It was a fancy disco/dance club with pictures of famous DJ's on the walls, they didn't know what's gonna hit them hahaha. We put our stuff in some corner and the whole picture looked EPIC with the pink lights and all that pictures arround our amps. We left everything in the club and went to Meho's place to get some food, it was one of the biggest meals on the tour and the quality was as great as the quantity, Meho's parents are really cool and they worked hard to make us feel as if we were at home and I must say that I felt better than at home. When we came back to the club it was filled with all sorts of people, and the energy when we played was awesome, people jumping and headbanging in a disco club, what more do you want. We were asked to play all of our songs since we were the only band, so all together we played for about 35 minutes or even less, and I was completely fucked up in the end because I didn't drink enough during the show, but that made the beer taste even better after the show. People there were really friendly and talked to us a lot, unfortunately this was the last show on our mini tour, it's a shame that it was so short but it was awesome all the same. The next day we had to return to our normal lives and say goodbye to the van that surved us very well, we will never forget all the people that we met and that helped us in any way. Again thanks to our good friend Leki that listened to our bullshit all the time and didn't complain at all, things would have been a lot harder for us if you weren't there.

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