nedelja, 09. januar 2011

Tour report - first part

We decided to leave Pivka at 1 pm, and since we can never be on time that didn't quite happen, so when we actually prepared everything and put our stuff into the van it was already around 2 pm. The weather was fucked up, it actually is fucked up for at least three months, it's always fucking raining or snowing, and when the rain stops there's either fog or some strange clouds that cover the sun. It's starting to get on my nerves and lately i can become depressive really fast, so this tour is a great escape from everything we do at home. Because of the bad weather and bad timing we were driving really slow towards Ljubljana, when we finally picked up Jaka and said goodbye to Panda Banda it was almost 4 pm...we were suposed to be in Krško eating stuffed peppers at that time, but since we are never on time... Anyway after eating the delicious food that Tiši's mother cooked we decided to try our luck crossing the borders with croatia, we didn't have any legal documents(such as ata carnet) for our instruments, only one paper with the names and serial numbers of all the stuff that we've brought with us, so we were hoping to get a stamp on the slovenian side of the border that we could use for an excuse on other borders...with minor complication it worked. We arrived to Medika at around 7 pm, it was my first time there and I really liked the place, it only bothers me that the place is so huge and so many rooms are unused...people there are really friendly, especially Sanja the organizer of the show and Alex the cook. After a long sound check the show finally started, the first band to play was Passive agressive, they were great, only the singer didn't need to change into shorts before the show, since he didn't move much...but they are really nice people. We played second, but we had to wait untill midnight because someone was burning the christmas tree in front of medika at 00:00.We played a song that we didn't even practice with the vocals because we made it a few days before the tour and it was really great to hear everything together, i think that the show was great, since I don't remember any mistakes, there was a lot of people in the room, I hope they liked it. The last band to play was True, I loved their first album so when I heard the first two songs they played I was so disappointed that I've left the room...i don't like their new stuff, it's too metal I guess. After a few beers and some small talk with the locals we decided to go to sleep and wake up at 9am so that we can be on the road to Belgrade at 11am.
After waking up the next day we loaded the van and ate some breakfast, we were eating all the time on the tour so don't be surprised if you notice a lot of words like food or lunch in this report. I was driving the van and when I tried to get out of medika I scratched the van and broke the side bumper because of some pipe that is sticking out of the building, but it can be easily fixed so noone was upset...i just don't know why this stuff always happens to me. Our GPS didn't show the map of Serbia but it was not a problem since we had our good friend Leki from Rijeka with us and he knew how to come to the venue in Belgrade. We were listening to Fu-manchu allmost all the way to serbia and maybe that brought us luck since we didn't have any complications at the border. The weather was shitty as usual, but it didn't matter to me any more, I was surrounded by friends, maybe the jokes we made were sometimes getting a bit harsh but it was all good clean fun. There was no place I would rather be at that time than in that smelly van. After a few wrong turns we came to our meeting place in Belgrade, I think that the name of the place is Krš or something like that. Some people were already there cooking food and having fun, also the other two bands came shortly after us and after a delicious meal and a tour of their infoshop we went to the club. On the way there we drived through the red light because we were following Nikola and he forgot that we are following him so he was driving like he usually does and I must say it was not a slow ride. The place where we played at is called Akademija, the room for the shows looks small but a lot of people can get in, there is also a small ''chill out'' room with some tables and some chairs where we were laughing at the guys from Dishumanity and our good friend Ana. The concert was awesome, probably the best on the tour, the sound was loud as we like it and the response form the people that came to the show was also great. We played last, after Ljubiša Samardžič and Dishumanity, both bands were awesome, and the singer of Ljubiša Samardžič had a few interesting things to say during the show. We had a plan to go to Skopje after the show because it's a long drive and we had to be there at 1 pm, but there was this crazy after party going on in a flat near the venue, so we had to go check it out... Jure and I tried to take a nap in the van but it was too cold so we went back to the place at 5am to pick up the rest of the band and leave for Macedonia...

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