petek, 28. januar 2011

Tour in 2 weeks!

So our tour with Scraiste starts in exactly 2 weeks. We are really looking forward to this, meeting all the old friends and making new ones. Almost everything is confirmed, but we still need 2 shows on the way back home from Köln, so if anyone could help us out, please let us know, any kind of help would be really appreciated.

After the tour we`re gonna record 2 new songs for the 4-way split tape with Burnt Church, Excommunicated and Ripped To Shit.
And you can still download our tape from this link -

Tour with Scraiste:

11.02. - EKH, Wien (Austria)
12.02. - Discentrum, Prague (Czech Republic)
13.02. - Scharni, Berlin (Germany)
14.02. - Stumpf, Hannover, (Germany)
15.02. - The Innocent, Hengelo (Netherlands)
16.02. - OB, Nijmegen (Netherlands)
17.02. - AZ, Köln (Germany)
18.02. - Cafe Roude Leiw, Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
19.02. - need help!

One love

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