četrtek, 23. december 2010

Balkan tour starts tomorrow!

Tomorrow we are leaving on our first tour. Really looking forward to meet all the old friends and all the people we don`t know in real life yet, but still they did so much for us in the last couple of weeks with helping us booking this tour, it`s just amazing!

24.12.2010 @ Medika, Zagreb (CRO) w/ Passive Agressive, True
25.12.2010 @ Akademija, Beograd (SRB) w/ Ljubisa Samardzic, Dishumanity
26.12.2010 @ La Kana, Skopje (MAC) w/ Bernays Propaganda, Backstab Warning, Xaxaxa,Jaibo!, 36 Daggers, ...
27.12.2010 Day off
28.12.2010 @ Black and Red, Pirot (SRB)
29.12.2010 @ Club Santos, Bihač (BIH)

We`re gonna tour Europe in February with awesome people from Wien - Scraiste. We still need help with some shows so if you could help us somehow please let us know.

You can still download the tape in the post below, and if you wanna have one, write to our email.


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Stjepan pravi ...

Odličan gig u Zagrebu !

Album je prljav , zao i čista mast! ;)

Valjda ćete koji put svratiti još u susjedstvo ;)

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