četrtek, 30. december 2010

Back home

6 awesome days behind us!
Great food, great shows, best people ever, long drives, not much sleep, good times!

Thanks a lot to everyone who was in any kind of way involved in this, special thanks to Sanjica and Alex, Nikola and the whole BG crew, Bernays Propaganda and Mungos, Dario & Iva & Nikola & crazy Niš party people, Meho and his parents! Thanks a lot to bands we played with, it was nice to meet so many great people!
And last but not least thanks a lot to Leki for being on the road with us, helping us with all kinds of shit and making a lot of things easier for us!

We`ll upload some photos soon and I think Mare is doing a tour report, so this will be probably up here too.

Some other news...

We`re still looking for some shows for our February tour with Scraiste, so please get in touch if you could help us out.

And we`re gonna record 2 new songs in January for a 4 way split tape with Ripped To Shit, Excommunicated and Burnt Church, released on Waste of time / Primeval Sounds.

Hugs & Kisses

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