torek, 09. november 2010


This weekend we`ll be done with the recording of our tape and in the end of December we are planning to go on a short Balkan tour (if we manage to book it in such a short time :)) And in February we are planning to tour Europe. Below you can see a rough plan of both tours. If anyone could help us out in any kind of way, please get in touch, we would be very thankful!

Balkan tour:

24.12. Medika (Zagreb, CRO)
25.12. Beograd (SRB)
26.12. La Kana (Skopje, MAC) Nema dedo mraz fest
27.12. Thessaloniki (GRE)
28.12. Black and Red (Pirot, SRB)
29.12. Sombor (SRB)

Feb tour:

11.2. EKH (Wien, AUT)
12.2. Prague (CZ)
13.2. Berlin (DE)
14.2. Hannover (DE)
15.2. Zwolle (HOL)
16.2. Nijmegen (HOL)
17.2. Aachen (DE)
18.2. Tübingen (DE)
19.2. Munchen (DE)

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