ponedeljek, 23. avgust 2010

First steps

Leechfeast is a new band with members of Acrid Sunday, Growing Rats, Melete and ex-members of Anhelitus, What They Fear, Diecut, Efforts In Vain, blablabla. We are five stinky crusties who like to play simple, slow and raw. Of course, it's never too loud and too noisy for us. The band exists since May and we managed to record 3 demo songs in July.

If you would like to chat, feel free to write us on leechfeast@gmail.com

No speed, no punk! mwahahaahaa

p.s.: Yeah, we're playing our first show in Sub, Graz on September 8.

2 komentarja:

tiši pravi ...

glih za skupi s prešernom

jurcl pravi ...

čak čak tiši, kako zdej ti to mislš? ti resno mislš, da sem jst kos prešernu? se bova dajala za v graz, kdo je boljši, prav?


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